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Даю согласие на обработку моих персональных данных. Соглашаюсь с Политикой конфиденциальности и ознакомлен с Политикой в отношении обработки персональных данных

International cargo transportation

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International cargo transportation

One of the specializations of Global Import company is international transportation by all types of transport from any and to any part of the world. We guarantee to our clients a qualitative and prompt solution of any task for calculating the optimal schemes for international cargo transportation.
Automobile and railway transportation from China through Zabaikalsk
If you carry the goods from China to Russia, the path runs from the industrial regions of the southeast of the PRC to the north, to the border with Russia.

The cargo on the Harbin railroad of China through Zabaikalsk gets to Russia. After that he will go through the territory of the country to the Trans-Siberian Railway. Further - in the central part. As the representatives of the Russian Railways say, transportation can take 8-10 days.
Container Shipping
Container transportations are transportations carried out using standard containers (20- and 40-foot). Containers have standard sizes, which allows them to be transported by any means of transport. In particular, our company specializes in sea container transportation, rail container transportation and auto-container transportation. Transportation of goods in containers is the most rational, convenient and cost-effective way of cargo transportation.

Container transportation has a number of features, thanks to which this type of delivery is by far the most popular. First, after loading the goods, the container is necessarily sealed, and the seal is removed directly at the destination. These actions occur exclusively in the presence of the client (or his representative). Locking and sealing devices used for container transportation do not open with the help of the simplest cutting devices and thus guarantee the delivery of the goods in the form and quantity in which they were loaded at the point of departure. Secondly, in the case of multimodal transport (that is, transport using different modes of transport), the goods are transported in the same container and are not reloaded from one container to another, since containers are accepted for transportation by any transport. Such efficient use of different types of transport means significant time and money saving.

In Russia, the most common mode of transportation are auto-container shipping. This is due to the developed transport infrastructure covering almost everything, even the most inaccessible regions of the Russian Federation, and also by the fact that the car is the fastest ground transportation, which, in combination with containers, allows almost any cargo to be transported in the shortest possible time.

The company Global Global delivers cargo to Krasnoyarsk by containers from all Russian cities and from abroad. There are also container transportations from Krasnoyarsk. Another profile direction of our company is container transportation from China, because cargo transportation from China is a significant part of the total volume of imports to Russia. Thus, our company covers all possible directions of container transportation, and you can be sure that we will find the best way for you to transport your cargo.
Sea transportation
In the sphere of international cargo transportation, the delivery of goods by sea is increasingly popular. According to statistics, about half of the goods for Russia are delivered by sea.

This is due to the fact that more companies engaged in foreign economic activity, choose suppliers in the United States, countries of South-East Asia, especially in China. The geographical location of these countries requires the use of several modes of transport for the delivery of goods (usually air and sea modes of transport), and it is sea transport that allows the delivery of goods from geographically remote areas with minimal costs.

Sea transportation from China
"Global Import" organizes sea transportation of goods from the countries of Asia and America, using the largest ports of the world. At present, the priority direction of our company's activity is the sea container transportation of goods from China. The great practical experience of our specialists allows us to find the best logistics schemes, thanks to which the sea container transportation of goods from China is carried out with the least expenditure of your time and financial resources. Our managers will provide you with the necessary explanations and consultations on each of the options for transportation from China to Russia, point out all their pros and cons. With us, your container shipments from China will be executed as soon as possible with a minimum of financial costs.

The organization of sea container transportation is not only the use of container equipment as a means of consolidating consignments, but also the use of modern high-speed container vessels, which significantly reduces the time for delivery of cargo.

Also, the advantage of sea container transportation is the precise periodicity of the ships' departure / arrival on schedule from the ports of the World. This is very convenient when planning the delivery of goods for a long time.
Transportation of oversized, project cargoes
Oversized shipments, as well as heavy cargo transportation, are one of the most difficult types of cargo transportation. They require special knowledge and technical capabilities. Our company and specialists have accumulated vast experience in providing this kind of services, which means that we will carry out oversized cargo transportation qualitatively, efficiently and reliably. In addition, the quality of transportation of oversized cargo is facilitated by the necessary technical equipment (the availability of specialized equipment), the literacy of all personnel from the manager accepting your application to the engineer who develops the optimal route scheme and determines the type of rolling stock, as well as established connections with many transport participants, in including with foreign partners.

We carry out oversized transport of goods using road transport, railways. Transportation, as well as multimodal transport (using different modes of transport).

In the general case, the range of services includes: Development of a transportation route with a possible expert departure (assessment of the transport infrastructure, possible detour routes); Development and manufacture (if necessary) of means of fastening cargo, selection of variants of cargo location taking into account its weight and volume; Harmonization of the transportation route and the scheme of placement and fastening of cargo with the department of oversized transportation of Russian Railways and railways of the CIS countries; Direct transportation of goods to the warehouse in the city of your choice; Customs clearance, including preparation of all necessary documents; Warehouse services; Cargo insurance; Carrying out oversized transport, we use various types of transport: road, rail, sea, river. So, if there is an opportunity to carry out oversized transportation by road from door to door, specialized vehicles are needed. These include the so-called low-loaders - trucks with an open low-bed platform. Railway transportation is advisable to use when it is required to transport oversized cargo to long and medium distances, and between enterprises there are access railroads.

Groupage cargo from Europe
Groupage cargoes - this is perhaps the main type of delivery, when it comes to Europe. This is due to a number of reasons, for example, the fact that it is more advantageous for customers to transport goods in small lots than to order goods at once for a whole vehicle, and air delivery is, as is well known, one of the most expensive types of transportation to date. Moreover, consolidated cargoes are the most profitable from an economic point of view, since the cost of delivering a combined cargo is considered proportional to the weight and volume that your cargo has.

We have several consolidation warehouses in major cities in Europe, where a lot of senders are regularly collected. Since in Europe shippers work more often on EXW terms, for which the buyer picks up the goods from the supplier's warehouse and independently conducts all export operations in the country of departure and delivery, we provide all the necessary services. So, we carry out the delivery of your cargo from anywhere in Europe to the consolidation warehouse and we load it in a truck with all the rules for securing cargo in motor transport. Then there is a customs clearance of goods and the compilation of all shipping documents. After the release of the export declaration, the wagon from the warehouse is sent to Russia.

One of the significant difficulties in delivering consolidated cargo from Europe, which causes justifiable discontent and concern among customers, is that while a truck with consolidated cargo travels through Russia and calls in all the necessary cities in which there are other consignees, whose cargo, in addition to yours , Is transported in the car, the goods are constantly unloaded, overloaded, which is fraught with a violation of the integrity of the package and the safety of the goods in general. To avoid this, we develop a logistics scheme so that the wagon follows the most beneficial way in all senses and that your cargo is not overloaded to another vehicle or unloaded from the waggon in warehouses in the cities of Russia along the route. Your product will come to you in the city as it was loaded in Europe, and you can be sure of its safety. Among other things, managers of our company inform you every day about the location of the wagon and you know what happens to your cargo, where it is and when it arrives.

As you can see, the transportation of composite cargoes from Europe is not an easy process, it involves a lot of participants, it consists of a multitude of processes, untimely implementation of which, even one of them, can lead to significant disruptions in the delivery time of the consolidated cargo and additional cash costs. Specialists of our company reduce all risks to a minimum, and as a result you receive your goods at an agreed price and at a predetermined time!
Motor transportation
Such a variety of transport-expeditionary services is most optimal when moving goods for relatively small distances.

Automobile international transport has a number of obvious advantages. First, they can be used for almost any type of goods accepted for transportation. Secondly, this method is faster and more economical compared to others, since loading and unloading works are carried out once, which minimizes the risk of damage or loss of cargo and saves time. Another indisputable advantage of motor transport is the ability to bypass difficult sections of the road, follow the most optimal individual route at a convenient time. In other cases, a lot of coordination is required, due to the availability of a general timetable.

International road transport of cargoes Global Global carries out in accordance with the highest requirements and requests of customers. Whichever load is supposed to be accepted for transportation, the assembly or requiring special temperature conditions, dangerous or oversized, the customer will always find understanding and receive the necessary complex of logistics services. Having in its arsenal low-tonnage and large-capacity transport, refrigerators and special hoisting equipment, we successfully and qualitatively produce the transportation of goods of any complexity.

For more information about the "road freight" service, you can get by phone at 8-800-250-27-87 (the call is free all over Russia), or send applications in any form to the e-mail address info@globalimport.su
Rail transportation
"Global Import" provides transportation of all types of cargo by rail in containers to anywhere in the world.

The advantages of rail transportation are:
  • High carrying capacity of railways
  • Regularity of transportation
  • regardless of seasonality
  • The universality of the use of various goods and the possibility of mass transportation of goods
  • relatively low transportation costs
  • In accordance with the transportation of the cargo you need, you can choose
the following types of shipment:
  • Carload
  • Container
  • open
The construction of wagons affects the safety of cargo, the speed of cargo operations, the efficiency of transportation, the safety of goods, the maximum use of cargo capacity and capacity, the provision of handling and reducing the idle time of wagons. The fleet of freight cars consists of universal (covered, platforms, semi-cars) and specialized.

Specialized wagons include cisterns, isothermal, grain trucks, flour carriers, cement carriers, special tanks for transportation of cement, alcohol, liquefied gases, viscous substances, two-tier platforms for cars, conveyors for heavy cargo.

During the transportation of the cargo, we provide our customers with container tracking on the territory of the Russian Federation. You will always be promptly aware of the whereabouts of your cargo, before the arrival of the container to the final destination.

For more detailed advice on rail transportation, please call 8-800-250-27-87 (call is free all over Russia), or by e-mail: info@globalimport.su
Multimodal transportation
One of the priority areas of our work is the movement of goods, including the transportation of oversized cargo and multimodal transportation. We carry out international transportation in any direction, using air, sea and rail container transportation.

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