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Project cargo transportation

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Project cargo transportation

Transportation of consolidated cargo involves the transport of goods from several consignors to several consignees using a single vehicle. Usually, groupage goods arise if the consignment of goods from the client is not sufficient to fill the vehicle completely, and there is no possibility and desire to pay a premium for a semi-voyage. With the help of our company, you will be able to share the costs of cargo transportation with fellow travelers, the goods of which will be transported together with yours.
Motor transportation of oversized cargo
One of the priority areas of our work is the movement of goods, including the transportation of oversized cargo. We carry out international transportation in any direction, using road transport.
So, if it is possible to carry out oversized transportation by road from door to door, specialized vehicles are needed. These include the so-called low-loaders - trucks with an open low-bed platform.
Transportation of goods with a temperature regime
A feature of this type of transportation is that they require the use of special equipment and a specially equipped vehicle. At the service of its customers, Global Import provides specialized refrigerators with installed refrigerating equipment, isothermal vans, as well as two-compartment refrigerators, which allow to regulate both plus and minus temperatures.

Of particular importance is the transportation with a temperature regime by means of isothermal vans. Such vehicles are indispensable in the event that transportation of food is necessary. In this case, this method of delivery is the most optimal option, because it allows you to keep food products that belong to the category of perishable goods intact.
Transportation of dangerous goods
The company "Global Import" has everything necessary to solve complex logistics tasks, fulfill the most stringent requirements of senders and recipients of dangerous goods. We provide delivery of cargoes 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 classes of danger.
Transportation of heavy and oversized cargo
Oversized shipments, as well as heavy cargo transportation, are one of the most difficult types of cargo transportation. They require special knowledge and technical capabilities. Our company and specialists have accumulated vast experience in providing this kind of services, which means that we will carry out oversized cargo transportation qualitatively, efficiently and reliably. In addition, the quality of transportation of oversized cargo is facilitated by the necessary technical equipment (the availability of specialized equipment), the literacy of all personnel from the manager accepting your application to the engineer who develops the optimal route scheme and determines the type of rolling stock, as well as established connections with many transport participants, in including with foreign partners.

We carry out oversized transportation of goods using road transport, railways. transportation, as well as multimodal transport (using different modes of transport).

In general, the range of services includes:
  • Working out of a route of transportation with possible departure of the expert (an estimation of a condition of a transport infrastructure, possible ways of a detour);
  • Development and manufacture (if necessary) of means of fastening cargo, selection of variants of cargo location taking into account its weight and volume;
  • Harmonization of the transportation route and the scheme of placement and fastening of cargo with the department of oversized transportation of Russian Railways and railways of the CIS countries;
  • Direct transportation of goods to the warehouse in the city of your choice;
  • Customs clearance, including preparation of all necessary documents;
  • Warehouse services;
  • Cargo insurance;
  • Carrying out oversized transport, we use various types of transport: road, rail, sea, river. So, if there is an opportunity to carry out oversized transportation by road from door to door, specialized vehicles are needed. These include the so-called low-loaders - trucks with an open low-bed platform.
  • Railway transportation is advisable to use when it is required to transport oversized cargo to long and medium distances, and between enterprises there are access railroad tracks.
More detailed information about the service "transportation of oversized, project cargoes" you can get by calling 8-800-250-27-87 (the call is free all over Russia), or send applications in any form to the e-mail address info@globalimport.su

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