Container Shipping

Container transportations are transportations carried out using standard containers (20- and 40-foot). Containers have standard sizes, which allows them to be transported by any means of transport. In particular, our company specializes in sea container transportation, rail container transportation and auto-container transportation. Transportation of goods in containers is the most rational, convenient and cost-effective way of cargo transportation.

Container transportation has a number of features, thanks to which this type of delivery is by far the most popular. First, after loading the goods, the container is necessarily sealed, and the seal is removed directly at the destination. These actions occur exclusively in the presence of the client (or his representative). Locking and sealing devices used for container transportation do not open with the help of the simplest cutting devices and thus guarantee the delivery of the goods in the form and quantity in which they were loaded at the point of departure. Secondly, in the case of multimodal transport (that is, transport using different modes of transport), the goods are transported in the same container and are not reloaded from one container to another, since containers are accepted for transportation by any transport. Such efficient use of different types of transport means significant time and money saving.

In Russia, the most common mode of transportation are auto-container shipping. This is due to the developed transport infrastructure covering almost everything, even the most inaccessible regions of the Russian Federation, and also by the fact that the car is the fastest ground transportation, which, in combination with containers, allows almost any cargo to be transported in the shortest possible time.

The company Global Global delivers cargo to Krasnoyarsk by containers from all Russian cities and from abroad. There are also container transportations from Krasnoyarsk. Another profile direction of our company is container transportation from China, because cargo transportation from China is a significant part of the total volume of imports to Russia. Thus, our company covers all possible directions of container transportation, and you can be sure that we will find the best way for you to transport your cargo.

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