Groupage cargo from Europe

Groupage cargoes - this is perhaps the main type of delivery, when it comes to Europe. This is due to a number of reasons, for example, the fact that it is more advantageous for customers to transport goods in small lots than to order goods at once for a whole vehicle, and air delivery is, as is well known, one of the most expensive types of transportation to date. Moreover, consolidated cargoes are the most profitable from an economic point of view, since the cost of delivering a combined cargo is considered proportional to the weight and volume that your cargo has.

We have several consolidation warehouses in major cities in Europe, where a lot of senders are regularly collected. Since in Europe shippers work more often on EXW terms, for which the buyer picks up the goods from the supplier's warehouse and independently conducts all export operations in the country of departure and delivery, we provide all the necessary services. So, we carry out the delivery of your cargo from anywhere in Europe to the consolidation warehouse and we load it in a truck with all the rules for securing cargo in motor transport. Then there is a customs clearance of goods and the compilation of all shipping documents. After the release of the export declaration, the wagon from the warehouse is sent to Russia.

One of the significant difficulties in delivering consolidated cargo from Europe, which causes justifiable discontent and concern among customers, is that while a truck with consolidated cargo travels through Russia and calls in all the necessary cities in which there are other consignees, whose cargo, in addition to yours , Is transported in the car, the goods are constantly unloaded, overloaded, which is fraught with a violation of the integrity of the package and the safety of the goods in general. To avoid this, we develop a logistics scheme so that the wagon follows the most beneficial way in all senses and that your cargo is not overloaded to another vehicle or unloaded from the waggon in warehouses in the cities of Russia along the route. Your product will come to you in the city as it was loaded in Europe, and you can be sure of its safety. Among other things, managers of our company inform you every day about the location of the wagon and you know what happens to your cargo, where it is and when it arrives.

As you can see, the transportation of composite cargoes from Europe is not an easy process, it involves a lot of participants, it consists of a multitude of processes, untimely implementation of which, even one of them, can lead to significant disruptions in the delivery time of the consolidated cargo and additional cash costs. Specialists of our company reduce all risks to a minimum, and as a result you receive your goods at an agreed price and at a predetermined time!

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