Rail transportation

"Global Import" provides transportation of all types of cargo by rail in containers to anywhere in the world.

The advantages of rail transportation are:
  • High carrying capacity of railways
  • Regularity of transportation
  • regardless of seasonality
  • The universality of the use of various goods and the possibility of mass transportation of goods
  • relatively low transportation costs
  • In accordance with the transportation of the cargo you need, you can choose
the following types of shipment:
  • Carload
  • Container
  • open
The construction of wagons affects the safety of cargo, the speed of cargo operations, the efficiency of transportation, the safety of goods, the maximum use of cargo capacity and capacity, the provision of handling and reducing the idle time of wagons. The fleet of freight cars consists of universal (covered, platforms, semi-cars) and specialized.

Specialized wagons include cisterns, isothermal, grain trucks, flour carriers, cement carriers, special tanks for transportation of cement, alcohol, liquefied gases, viscous substances, two-tier platforms for cars, conveyors for heavy cargo.

During the transportation of the cargo, we provide our customers with container tracking on the territory of the Russian Federation. You will always be promptly aware of the whereabouts of your cargo, before the arrival of the container to the final destination.

For more detailed advice on rail transportation, please call 8-800-250-27-87 (call is free all over Russia), or by e-mail: info@globalimport.su

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