Sea transportation

In the sphere of international cargo transportation, the delivery of goods by sea is increasingly popular. According to statistics, about half of the goods for Russia are delivered by sea.

This is due to the fact that more companies engaged in foreign economic activity, choose suppliers in the United States, countries of South-East Asia, especially in China. The geographical location of these countries requires the use of several modes of transport for the delivery of goods (usually air and sea modes of transport), and it is sea transport that allows the delivery of goods from geographically remote areas with minimal costs.

Sea transportation from China
"Global Import" organizes sea transportation of goods from the countries of Asia and America, using the largest ports of the world. At present, the priority direction of our company's activity is the sea container transportation of goods from China. The great practical experience of our specialists allows us to find the best logistics schemes, thanks to which the sea container transportation of goods from China is carried out with the least expenditure of your time and financial resources. Our managers will provide you with the necessary explanations and consultations on each of the options for transportation from China to Russia, point out all their pros and cons. With us, your container shipments from China will be executed as soon as possible with a minimum of financial costs.

The organization of sea container transportation is not only the use of container equipment as a means of consolidating consignments, but also the use of modern high-speed container vessels, which significantly reduces the time for delivery of cargo.

Also, the advantage of sea container transportation is the precise periodicity of the ships' departure / arrival on schedule from the ports of the World. This is very convenient when planning the delivery of goods for a long time.

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