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Global Import - the leading Russian operator


Today, all large foreign and domestic companies transfer customs operations to outsourcing. This eliminates the loss of time for all formalities related to foreign trade activities, and saves labor resources that may be involved in other work.

The company Global Global offers services (FEA).

We work on the basis of an agency contract, according to which, we undertake to import goods to the territory of Russia, as well as to organize customs control. Working with us, you create a "remote" department of foreign trade in your enterprise. All banking transactions pass through the Agent, which completely frees you from registration as a participant in foreign economic activity. All the risks for the delivery of goods and its customs clearance, we undertake. For successful passing of customs control, we pre-register the necessary permits for your products. The peculiarities of our customs legislation are such that, while the goods are on the way, changes may occur that entail additional costs, or the customs value of the goods will be subject to adjustment. In this case, the Agent must apply to the court and seek a fair resolution of the issue, which again releases the client from paper red tape.

Benefit from mutual cooperation of customers of the goods and the constant partner on purchase in the form of the Agent is available!

Outsourcing of foreign economic activity can be convenient for those who already for some time independently conducts import-export operations. First, work under the agency contract means that the client's goods do not become the property of the agent, but are the property of the client company throughout the entire transaction. This eliminates the risk of never again seeing your product in the event of an intermediary's dishonesty. Secondly, such work provides an opportunity to concentrate fully on the development of its business, while customs control and other technical aspects related to foreign trade operations are left to others.

We also provide freight forwarding services and product certification services, which increase the efficiency of our customers' business - participants in foreign economic activity - by using the knowledge, professionalism and experience of our specialists.

The leading Russian operator of foreign economic activity - the company Global Global, established in 2008, is an example of a successful, steadily growing domestic company.

The company's developed international agent network, covering the main regions of world trade, provides prompt provision of services in foreign economic, transport, customs and support to participants in foreign trade activities around the world.

Thanks to good knowledge and constant monitoring of the market, we achieve the best results in the process of work, thus saving your money and time.

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