1. The all-Russian classifier of currencies to read >>>

  2. All-Russian classifier of the countries of the world to read >>>

  3. Types of dangerous goods to read >>>

  4. Types of containers and their characteristics to read >>>

  5. Classifier of customs procedures to read >>>

  6. The classifier of features of moving goods to read >>>

  7. Classifier of modes of transport and transportation of goods to read >>>

  8. Classifier of the nature of the transaction with the declared goods to read >>>

  9. Classifier of forms of settlements and features of a foreign trade transaction to read >>>

  10. Classifier of methods for determining the customs value of goods placed under customs regimes applicable to imported and exported goods to read >>>

  11. Classifier of signs of adjustment of customs value to read >>>

  12. Classifier of types of customs declarations to read >>>

  13. Classifier of privileges for payment of customs duties to read >>>

  14. Classifier of types of taxes, fees and other payments levied on customs authorities to read >>>

  15. Classifier of types of cargo, packaging and packaging materials (UNECE Recommendation No. 21 / Rev. 4 - 04/05/2002) to read >>>

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