Motor transportation

Such a variety of transport-expeditionary services is most optimal when moving goods for relatively small distances.

Automobile international transport has a number of obvious advantages. First, they can be used for almost any type of goods accepted for transportation. Secondly, this method is faster and more economical compared to others, since loading and unloading works are carried out once, which minimizes the risk of damage or loss of cargo and saves time. Another indisputable advantage of motor transport is the ability to bypass difficult sections of the road, follow the most optimal individual route at a convenient time. In other cases, a lot of coordination is required, due to the availability of a general timetable.

International road transport of cargoes Global Global carries out in accordance with the highest requirements and requests of customers. Whichever load is supposed to be accepted for transportation, the assembly or requiring special temperature conditions, dangerous or oversized, the customer will always find understanding and receive the necessary complex of logistics services. Having in its arsenal low-tonnage and large-capacity transport, refrigerators and special hoisting equipment, we successfully and qualitatively produce the transportation of goods of any complexity.

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